Important Deadlines!

Crop insurance policies are legal contracts with several important dates.

Important Crop Insurance Dates

Table. Important crop insurance dates for corn and soybeans in Wisconsin.

Date Corn Soybeans
Sales Closing Date March 15 March 15
Earliest Planting Date April 11 April 20
Final Planting Date May 31 (Grain) | June 5 (Silage) June 10 (North 2/3) | June 15 (South 1/3)
Late Planting Period 25 days after Final Planting Date
Acreage Reporting Date July 15 July 15
Wheat/Forage APH Sales Closing September 30th
Final plant date - Wheat September 30th
Premium Billing date October 1 October 1
End of Insurance Period No later than December 10
Final Date to File Notice of Crop Damage 15 days after End of Insurance Period
Final Date to Submit Claim 60 days after End of Insurance Period
Policy Termination Date March 15 March 15
Production Reporting Date April 29 April 29
Wheat/Forage Acreage reporting November 15
Contract Change Date November 30 November 30

Sales Closing/Cancellation Date

Last day to apply for crop insurance coverage, or change/cancel a current policy. Most crop insurance policies are continuous policies, and so continue as specified in the previous year. Thus, this is the last day to cancel or to make changes in a policy continuing from the previous year.

Earliest Planting Date

Earliest date the crop can be planted for the crop to be insurable.

Final Planting Date

Last day the crop can be planted for full coverage. This date can differ by county and for different types of the same crop. For example, APH for soybeans has a final planting date of June 10 in northern Wisconsin and June 15 in southern Wisconsin, while APH has a final planting date of May 31 for corn for grain and June 5 for corn for silage.

Late Planting Period

For some crops, a late planting period begins after the final planting date and lasts for a set number of days (usually 25). Crops planted during or after this period still have insurance coverage, but the yield or revenue guarantee is decreased for each day after the final planting date the crop is planted. See the Late and Prevented Planting section for more information. Note, a late planting period does not exist for all crops and policies, so consult a crop insurance agent for questions regarding specific crops and policies.

Acreage Reporting Date

Last day to file an acreage report. All acreage planted to the insured crop in the county must be reported, even if the acreage is not insured.

Requirements include reporting all planted acreage in which the producer has an interest, the producer's share, cropping practice and type (when applicable), planting date if after the final planting date, and any acres that were not able to be planted.

Premium Billing Date

Premiums are payable as soon as the crop is planted, but producers are not billed until this date, which is generally near harvest (e.g., October 1 for corn APH). Interest charges at 1.25% per month begin to accrue 30 days after the premium billing date on all unpaid premiums. If an indemnity or replant payment is to be made, any outstanding premiums will be deducted from these payments.

End of Insurance Period

Last date of insurance coverage. Losses occurring after this date are not covered. This day is the earliest of 1) the harvest date, 2) the date the crop is totally destroyed, 3) the date the crop is abandoned, 4) the date of final loss adjustment, or 5) a specified calendar date. Allowing livestock to graze a crop is likely to be considered harvest. A crop insurance agent should be consulted before grazing an insured crop, even if the crop has been severely damaged or destroyed, to ensure coverage is not lost or indemnities reduced. The specified calendar date varies across APH crop policies and it is the producer’s responsibility to know this date.

Final Date to File Notice of Crop Damage

Last day to report yield or quality loss to receive an indemnity. A producer has 72 hours to report a loss after discovery (not after occurrence), but no later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period.

Policy Termination Date

Coverage for the coming year is terminated if premiums for past year are not paid by this date.

Production Reporting Date

Last day to submit production records from previous year to update APH yield calculations, which determine coverage and premiums due. Usually 45 days after the Sales Closing/Cancellation Date or the Acreage Reporting Date, whichever is earlier.

Contract Change Date

Last day the RMA has to announce changes in insurance policies for the up-coming crop year. Important since policies are continuous and details may change between years.