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Livestock & Animal Mortality

Animal Mortality Coverage

The coverage afforded under a farm policy for the injury or death of livestock is often referred to as limited animal mortality coverage. Businesses that do not obtain this coverage under a farm policy may purchase it separately. Limited livestock insurance does not apply to the death of an animal caused by old age or disease. These risks can be insured under a full animal mortality policy or endorsement.

Full Animal Mortality insurance protects a livestock owner against the death of an animal, whether natural or accidental, by any cause that's not specifically excluded. Coverage includes illness, injury, sickness or theft. The premium is calculated based on the animal's sales price or appraised value. Some insurers offer loss of use coverage for certain types of animals.

When applying for full mortality coverage you will need to present a certificate of health provided by a veterinarian who has examined the animal. If you are renewing a policy, you will need to provide evidence that the animal remains healthy.

Full animal mortality coverage does not cover death caused by the owner or by a preexisting condition. Also excluded is death by order of a government entity, say to prevent the spread of disease. If you sell the animal, your insurance will not be transferred to the new owner.

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Important Terms Covering ALL Policies

  1. Livestock mortality insurance is written for the purpose of protecting the actual investment of the livestock owner, not potential gain or profit.
  2. A mortality policy cannot be construed in any way as a maintenance coverage; it does not include veterinarian or similar expenses.
  3. Indemnity is payable only as a result of death loss.
  4. Mortality coverage does not indemnify an insured against loss of an animal's ability to perform the functions for which it is kept.
  5. Death from natural or accidental causes is included but mandatory slaughter by governmental authority or decree, or for expediency is not included.
  6. The basis for valuing an animal should be actual sales price or fair and conservative appraisal by competent judges when no actual sales transaction has taken place. These values shall be subject to acceptance by Company.
  7. Mortality insurance is renewable only on evidence of reinsurability, both as to physical condition and market value.
  8. Cancellation may only be effected by the insured, or by the company on notice given in conformation with whatever existing laws govern for the address of the insured as shown on policy. Short rate basis if ordered by insured and pro rata basis if by the Company.
  9. Policies may not be transferred from one insured to another unless agreed to through endorsement by Company, nor may covered be switched from one animal to another unless agreed to by Company.
  10. Application subject to acceptance by Company.